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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Truth Speaks

When lies blind the eyes,

When regret hunches the back
When self-pity prevails as 
anger's disguise
When retaliation clenches the fist 
and whacks
When loathing boils the flesh,

Truth speaks.

Truth speaks loud.
Truth speaks clear.
Truth defies the crowd.
Truth trumps meager fear.

There is much greater than vengeance

There is much more than the lie
There is much than guilt and envy

There is a Truth love can't deny

Never Ever Ever...


At Our Core

One's life should possess:
Confronted emotions
Tangible actions
Purposeful attitudes

A titanium spirit

Let em go

Let em go
Let em grow
Let em fall
Let em sink

Let em live
Let em give
Let em ponder
Let em think

Let be dynamic
Let be manic
Let ask why
Let em cry

Let em be
Let em be
Let em be

Let em be

A Princess In His Eyes

A Princess In His Eyes

Next time you're feeling weary,
Next time you're feeling blue
Slip on Gods eyeglasses,
And watch what he will do

If it rained on your parade,
If it stormed on your big dance,
You wouldn't scoff in anger
If you viewed life through His glance

Our petty little problems
That we call catastrophes,
Are often just a chance to grow
And nourish faith in Thee

So child, count your blessings
Look closer and you’ll see,
The Lord will not forsake you
Christ's promise: eternity

In The Lords majestic eyes
You're loved, you're justified
See that any other notion
Has but a root of sin and lie

God’s eyes know no envy
They do not boast or brag
Thus the soul's to be satisfied
His love has no price tag

Praise your God for each moment
Each second and each day
It's all part of the master plan
That Gods eyes put in play

Love with Tenacious Grace

Love with Tenacious Grace

The ability to suffer well does not rest so much in the didactics of the outward circumstance, but rather, is determined by one's ability to choose dignified grace 
rather than self-pity.

The final outcome of any situation is reliant upon the perception of participant or viewer.

For in the end, the opened arms may be found empty, the opened mind may need
 time to reflect, but the opened soul will soar weightlessly like a dove in the clouds