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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Old Man

The Old Man

He gazed up towards the wall
From his position on the floor
There stood trophies and medal accolades
Yet to his eyes saw but a blur

He bellowed a cry for help
Yet no ears were within range
No eyes were filled with sympathy
No one asking this to change

His heart longed for his first sweetheart
Or for his late mother dear
He craved the beat of true love’s heart
A love he had not known for years

The large bills in his back pocket
Were neither comforting kind
The Armani wrist upon his hand
Daringly proclaimed that it was time

And so he breathed his last
Fear and anger filled hollow eyes
The millionaire wouldn’t be found for days
His possessions but empty lies


The fly droned in the man’s face
His son was quick whisked it away
Then he kissed his father’s forehead
This would be the day

He said ‘I’m going home darling’
His wisdom flooded all their ears
Not a dry eye left the room
Each said ‘I love you’ between tears

He grasped the cross upon his chest
With a cool and clammy hand
He craved the sight of Peter’s gates
For years he’d loved upon this land

He’d fought with strength for 6 long years
Since that trying diagnosis day
He’d outlived the expectations three fold
She was by his side the whole way

He breathed his last breath
The old man would suffer no more
Peace swept through the beloved soul
As the angel entered Heaven’s doors

Two brothers, now men
Left the earth that day
One lost in pocket book and pen
And one loved as taught by the Way