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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

run away cause you're scared of the dark 
run before your footprints leave a mark 

you tremble as you're fleeing with fear 
scared of something that's not even there 

but the dark, it  has eyes that can see 
eyebrows raised as you cautiously flee 

its true monsters and wolves come at night 
but the darkness alone will not bite 

if you seek to know more then stand tall 
to dawdle is to let courage fall 

the dark does not pity those who fear 
but will welcome the brave who come near 

your destiny is all up to you 
take a chance if you want something new 

can't blame life for the chance you didn't take 
the unknown in the dark will soon wake 

the time left to act is finite 
stand up 'fore you wake up the knight